What is the stupidest way you've injured yourself?

Blacked out drunk at a music festival with my friends when I was 21. Blacked-in with adrenaline coursing through me, super fast heart rate, and my ankle was killing me. My left hand also felt funny. My friends said I ran away for less than 10 minutes and when I found them again I was limping.

Next morning woke up with a purple ankle the size of a grapefruit and a swollen hand. Days later when I got home and got scans of both learned that I tore multiple ligaments in my ankle and fractured my talus, and completely split my 4th metacarpal in my left hand in half. To this day I don't know what happened, but the scrapes on my knees and elbow make me think that I just fucking fell super hard. No bruising on my knuckles either so it definitely wasn't a fight - or I didn't get a single punch in lol

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