What subreddit do you disagree with most?

top posts of the week:

In AMA by 3 female computer scientists at MIT: 'Why did you feel the need to list your gender in the title?' [+645]

[http://np.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/2pdmd5/til_82_of_black_women_in_the_us_are_overweight/cmvst8k](They are the hunters of the tribe and have fine tuned athleticism to escape their predators, the police.)

[http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/2p5nik/advertisement_has_really_come_a_long_way/cmtlk92]("I feel like women drive so shittily on purpose so that men will just drive them everywhere and they can either a. be drunk constantly or b. constantly fuck with their makeup." [+24])

[https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2ozsm8/reddit_what_rule_do_you_live_by/cms681l?context=1](On Jennifer Lawrence, "Now that I've seen her naked the magic is gone." [+990])

[http://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/2pl7yy/obama_no_black_male_my_age_hasnt_been_mistaken/cmxotnv](Obama: 'No Black Male My Age' Hasn't Been Mistaken for a Valet: "I'm white and I've been mistaken for an employee before. Do I get to be outraged too?" [+73])

since it's the subreddit you disagree with most, you must logically believe that

the first comment had no underlying sexist undertones at all. there aren't many Reddit users that have a weird problem with women "drawing attention" to their genders, aka even mentioning it when there's a good reason to(an AMA about women scientists in a field in which women are vastly underrepresented.)

there was literally no racist undertones to the second post. No problems at all with comparing black people to animals and "tribesmen".

there's nothing wrong with stereotyping women multiple ways(all are bad at driving, all take advantage of men, all are constantly drunk, all are always fucking with their makeup cuz omg women just want to look pretty!), and it (at the time) getting a positive response indicating that multiple people feel that is an acceptable way to talk.

there are literally no problems at all with stating that "The only value I see in a woman is her naked body".

Dismissing and trivializing discrimination and stereotyping is a-ok.

what a shitty person(plus the 180+ people who upvoted you) you must be.

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