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My reply was more about the fact that people try to separate morality in what they do in the workplace vs what they do outside of work as two separate things.

Granted, proles have little choice in the matter, but for people that actually have a choice and openly choose immoral acts, it makes them an immoral person.

The argument was that you can be a good president while being a bad person, but they claimed that it isn't the same as being a bad person. i.e. You can split what you do in the workplace and what you do outside of work as different things when you really can't. (Again, for those that really have a choice in the matter.)

This is the same as saying a slave master isn't a bad person. He may be the nicest person to his slaves, but that doesn't make him a bad person. But that's completely ridiculous.

A slave master is still a bad person because they are a slave master. The relationship is monstrous and the institution it represents is monstrous. And until that changes, the claim of being a moral and ethical person as a descriptor is off the fucking table.

How one can logically separate themselves in terms of ethical behaviour from what they do in the job, from what they do outside the job is absolutely fucking disgusting.

And this holds true for a President just as it does for anyone else.

At least, that's what I was attempting to get at.

They weren't having any of it.

God, how do you live like that? I bet you sleep like fucking babies at night, don't you?

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You sleep like fucking children, don't you? This is your world isn't it?

--Bill Hicks (Revelations, 1993)

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