What is Sujamma made from?

ESO suggests it's made from comberries and barley, which seems like a weird combination (is it a beer? Is it a wine?) but there are actually barley wines in the real world.

My headcanon for each drink's real-world equivalent, based on ESO ingredients is as follows:

  • Sujamma: comberry and barley, some sort of barley wine
  • Matze: saltrice, basically sake
  • Greef: yeast, a local whiskey (the name has connotations of "grief", which makes me think "rotgut")
  • Flin: rye, another local whiskey, probably less likely to murder your liver than greef
  • Shein: surilie grapes, of all things! Probably not dissimilar from Surilie Brothers wine, probably an Imperialized drink
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