What tests should I ask my doctor to administer to confirm whether I have PCOS?

So for an official diagnosis you need to meet 2/3 official criteria:

  1. Irregular, heavy, or missed periods.

  2. Blood work (to see your androgen levels.

  3. An ultrasound to see if you have multiple cysts in your ovaries.

So as far as I can tell all that's left is to check for cysts, but it looks like you do have 2/3 of the all criteria.

As far as what type, the most common is insulin resistant, the 2nd most common is pill induced PCOS (it was brought on by the suppression of ovulation). I can't think of the other two right off (forgive me it's 3am).. and that's something you'll need to speak with your doctor about.

I do suggest finding and getting in with a good endocrinologist.

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