What do therapy goals look like?

I started therapy for sexual assalt. I was intially confused about the question of making goals (I just wanted "to get better"), but my therapist talked it out with me. We created a specfic goal of reducing the little panic attacks I would get when something would trigger me to think it was happening again. The general goal was to learn how to cope with the truama and also to feel prepared for facing the perpetrator at court.

My therapist is amazing. My court date was this week and everything went as best as it could (guilty plea). I feel so strong and am doing so well now that it's over, but I credit her a lot to helping me get through the most difficult parts.

I think for goals you should focus on your current negative symptoms and how to they compare to your normal or ideal situation. For me, it was not eating much, not sleeping well, exhaustion, persistent anxiety, and difficulty concentrating.

Good luck!

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