What is the "Thing we don't talk about" in your family?

Throwaway account.

Two of my younger female cousins were raped by their dad and his brother 7 years ago when they were still in their early teens. It caused a huge mess; my mom and my dad financially helped and even traveled over to them to get a lawyer to get those pieces of shit behind bars. That was the first and last I heard of it. I never got a chance to visit my extended family until 2 years ago, and my two cousins were there to see me and we spent the most time together because I stayed at their house. It ran through my head the whole time I was there and I was very attentive to how they adjusted since the incident, but it seems they've adjusted pretty well. I expected a lot of relationship or behavioral issues but they're both still as polite and as level-headed as when I last saw them as kids.

I visited again this year, and no one ever talked about it or mentioned it at all. The only time is when my mom was telling me how her younger sister (their mom) looks older than her and she's burdened yet sympathetic with financially helping out my aunt because her ex-husband remarried and lives in Dubai with his new family. That took me by surprise, because I really hoped that an incestuous child rapist like him would have gotten poetic justice in jail by getting killed.

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