What is a thing millennials "are killing" that deserves to disappear?

I'm a functioning autistic person so I absolutely HATE the idea of being in middle management, and spend 25% of my time managing people and doing reporting and spending another 25% in meetings.

I like to get my hands dirty and solve problems. I'm not gonna lie though: I'm now approaching my 50s and my last job just ended after almost 8 years there (I saw it coming and I'm kind of enjoying the break), but finding a new job paying in the same range is going to be challenging. In fact, it might be impossible. A lot of employers don't understand people like me and think it's a lack of ambition or a failure to be my age and having very limited people management experience, and never having held a director title.

I'm very good at what I do. Last job I interviewed for, the feedback I got (through a friend working in that company) is that I had "too much seniority". They wanted someone with 5-6 years of experience, not someone with 18. (I gotta admit that's annoying considering they saw my resume but still set up an interview - they could have skipped me entirely.) I think some employers are legitimately worried that an employee is going to get bored if they feel underemployed or overqualified for the job.

But I don't care. I need the job, I need the money, and at my age I'm not trying to build a career, just pay the fucking mortgage. My life is not my job, it's my family, my friends, my passions. And in that I relate with many millennials.

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