What thing that “only happens in the movies” actually happened to you?

I had a 12 hour international flight and was sat next to a cute girl. We had a good conversation and got to know each other. Two weeks later on returning I saw her in the airport and realized we were on the same flight back. I lied to the stewardess and told her this was our honeymoon trip so could one of us switch seats with someone to be able to sit next to each other. (the girl knew my plan and was in on it). The stewardess found two seats next to each other in a row with only two seats, kind of by the exit door. We were able to sit together on the 12 hour flight back and things got kind of romantic when the lights shut off. Nothing too heavy but the coincidence and the social engineering felt straight out of a movie to me. We live in different cities so the relationship ended not long after, still an interesting experience.

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