What things do you do to love/nurture yourself that empowers you to feel that you are awesome all on your own?

Since I'm sincerely interested in advancing human progress (as scientist), the majority I do serves me to become the best at my job.

  • Networking. Finding a variety of people from a variety of fields that help me create an environment of growth and positivity. With whom I can safely share ideas and collaborate with. That can help me when I encounter a professional problem out of my expertise. And some ppl that help me deal with the psychological frustrations that come with research.

  • giving my all at my job. I want to become an expert in my field. I'm working almost every day for a majority of the day. I need to be very careful to not burn out though, and when planning my week I enforce times of relaxation everyday where I'm taking care of myself (skincare, haircare), exercising, eating only high quality food (plan my budget for this) and I try to get 8 h of sleep every day. When the times are less stressfull I relax on the weekends either gaming, doing some arts and crafts, making music, "gardening" (my potted plants lol) or socializing with my long time friends, friends outside my field.

  • investing. I have well enough expertise in my field to judge the potential of start ups and I was able to aquire some shares of strongly growing companies.

  • applying to every scholarship that just slightly fits my profile

  • learning programming (not quite there yet, though, but it's getting better). My field (Bio sciences) is increasingly computationalized. I do not want to fall behind the curve. Also the pandemic has shown that having programming skills is a great back up plan for when I can't work in the lab. Might be useful in case I decide to have kids, too.

  • Putting myself out there and (subtly) communicating my values/morals with every person I work with. Being extroverted and socially proactive. I was in a very messy breakup with my ex and he managed to manipulate my university colleagues, who didn't know me too well, because my ex was the one I used to hang out the most with, into thinking that I'm running after him/stalking him, lying. Because they didn't know me, and I was kinda awkward from the get go and they got to know me when I was increasingly approaching my lowest point due to the crumbling relationship with my ex, they just believed him and never asked/cared for my side of things. Every action I took or word I said he made about himself or was perceived in the relation to our breakup and me not being over him yet, when it was not. It was a psychological hellhole. When I was finally able to start from new in a new country I had psyched myself up to be the most charismatic version of me I could be and made a lot of new friends in the process. It is an preventive self-protection that I would recommend everyone.

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