What is a time when you really weren’t supposed to laugh, but just couldn’t help yourself?

I was in college in a class about animal nutrition sitting in the second row a class of 8-9 people because there was a huge storm so very few people attended.As the teacher was speaking about different types of plants that could be used to design a balanced diet for a sheep he casually mentions "you should be careful with the amount of "lolium rigidum" you decided to use". You see, in my country "loly " means penis and rigidum sound like "rigido" that in Spanish means firm or hard, so in my mind my teacher just said " you should be careful with the amount of hard penis you decided to use". I froze trying not to laugh but then I looked next to my friend and she was collapsing as well. I started to look at the window trying not to laugh as the teacher continued to described how important for the sheep it was to "always have lolium rigidum" to have a correct development and satisfying all her nutritional needs. My other classmates were in the same situation trying in vane not to laugh .About 10 minutes later the teacher called for a break an we all burst out to the hallway to finally laugh, I laughed the entire break as my classmates made some stupid remarks. I felt so immature for associating things like that but it was the way he said it that made it so funny and also the fact that he was a sweet old men unconsciously talking about penis to his students.

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