What was the tipping point of your last relationship?

One of the biggest peeves I had about the relationship was, she kept me away from my friends. The final straw on that was New Years Eve. My friends were hosting a party and invited us both. I wanted to go. My gf didn't care for NYE celebrations, she just wanted sleep, she didn't even want us celebrating alone as a couple.

Bear in mind, we lived separately. So, she was spending that night alone anyway.

An hour before I'm about to leave, she calls me saying she's upset that I'm going to the party without her. I reminded her she was invited, and I could come get her. What I gathered in the conversation that followed was: She was not interested in any NYE celebrations. NYE celebrations are something couples are supposed to do together, and I'm a fucking asshole for going out to celebrate without her, even though she didn't want to celebrate at all.

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