What was the tipping point of your last relationship?

She decided suddenly to move half way across the world, apparently 'to work.' She told me it was only a temporary, life experience sort of thing for a few months, and we had been long distance before, so I thought I could handle it. But I noticed she was really secretive about it and scarce on details. I looked at her phone one night, and found hundreds of messages dating back months with this guy who happened to live in the country she was going to. I read them all and they ruined me. They were often explicit. This guy was one of her penpals with whom she decided she was head over heels in love and had to hook up with. They live together and have a child now. When I confronted her about it, she just told me 'I don't love you anymore.' We had been together for five years; she left a few days later. Often I wonder what would have happened if I never found out what was really going on. It seemed like she would have just moved away and pretended I never existed. I tried to talk to her after she left, but she just ignored me. I haven't seen or heard from her since we broke-up two years ago.

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