What is a topic that you know a lot about, that most people have no clue about?

I don't necessarily feel that I am an 'expert' in this, but I do find myself overwhelmed with disbelief and astonishment at the general level of ignorance of folks who use computer technology, that, contrasted with the overwhelming amount of arrogance that the ignorant possess.

I regularly find myself at the receiving end of snarky or sarcastic comments regarding the so called ignorance of people above 30 years old by people who are in their mid 20s or younger about digital and computer technology.

Some examples include....

A woman who expressed disbelief that facebook was able to store 'so many pictures' for 'so long'. When I asked why it was so hard to believe she chastised me for not knowing how 'huge' facebook was and 'how much space' photographs took up. After a bit more of this confusing exchange I realized she believed that facebook was storing PHYSICAL COPIES of the photographs. Yes. film.

A guy who called me an 'idiot' for casually mentioning that .exe was an abbreviation for 'executable'. He was 25 years old and 'worked in I.T.'. Confused, I asked him what he believed it meant and mentioned that file extensions were usually merely a suffix for a larger word. He rolled his eyes and told me to 'stop pretending that I knew what I was talking about'.

A girl who believed that calculators ( and computers ) did not actually perform calculations, but instead contained the answers for EVERY KNOWN math equation and that computers got better over time because man was 'adding more math to them'. She also scoffed at my supposed ignorance.

A 23 year old male that scoffed at me for mentioning that hard drives sometimes would lose efficiency as they got older. The hard drive in question was almost 10 years old and was clearly having problems with it's indexing/seek time, etc..........it still worked and booted but was clearly on it's way out. It was whining and overheating and the computer in question took ages just to open directories. He made fun of me saying that 'hard drives didn't wear out". I tempered my anger and said that I thought he might be thinking of solid state drives, but hard drives, especially platter based drives, definitely wore out and slowed down. He interrupted me mid sentence telling me I was 'too old' to understand.

Smart phones. My friends son, who calls himself a 'hacker' made fun of me when I casually mentioned that his Galaxy s4 had a processor. He scowled at me and said "this is a phone, not a PC". I ignored his comment and mentioned that he might check to see if he could free up some RAM to improve performance on his phone. He kept scowling and murmured under his breath that 'his phone doesn't have RAM.

My coworker. He believes wireless technology is POWERED by wireless technology. He thinks electricity ( or some form of power ) is beamed through the air to the device. I've been secretly replacing the batteries in the mouse and keyboard at our workplace for years, but he regularly informs me via email that the 'wireless is acting up again' and he repeats his 'theory' that the 'wires in the building must be absorbing the power'.

Same coworker as above thinks that it's 'illegal' for Microsoft to update it's OS. He refuses to update our work computer stating that 'it's not needed' and that 'he can keep them running just fine'. I don't even......our POS ( point of sale ) computer at work is running WinXP, unpatched. The only reason why it's not constantly being infected is because of the firewall which was set up, by default, in the ISPs gateway.

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