What is the transfer process from homeschooling to public school? (highschool)

Out of curiosity, were those kids allowed to go places other than church or the library, and were they allowed to form their own friendships or participate in other activities (like sports)? I’m asking honestly, because I homeschool my kids, and I worry about this. They’re free to run around our fairly safe neighborhood with their neighbor friends, and they participate in sports (not forced, whatever interests them). We’re not religious. I put my oldest in Outschool classes partly so he could experience the smaller classroom size but still be able to interact with kids his age.

I also have family members who homeschooled, but their kids were…literally never taken to a park, or a trampoline park for a birthday, allowed to have friends or talk to anyone their age. They didn’t even go to church, so it was complete isolation. They seem okay at this point, but I understand that some homeschool parents (like all parents) are…controlling beyond anything that’s okay. I’m just wondering whether your family members allowed their children any “normal” activities.

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