What do you think of Trump challenging counting votes past November 3rd?

You're exaggerating and misrepresenting what he said. He's said that he would like the election to finish on election day. Frankly I would too. He did not say that he would actively use the courts to change it so. He will not be throwing out legal ballots. The only examples we've seen so far of ballots being thrown out are ballots that were for Trump. Which is presumably democrats and left leaning people that are handling the ballots who are the ones throwing them out. What you believe to be inherently implied in his statements, I believe, you are just reading between the lines and projecting. You desperately want to believe that Trump is somehow supressing voters or going to, this is just simply not true. He is expressing concerns about the mass mail-in ballot system that has been put in place this year, he is saying that it's ripe for democrats to cheat and he is saying that he hopes it get's changed. Donald Trump is not the supreme court however. He can not change it in whim whether he would like to or not.

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