What turns your rage meter up to 99.9?

My local cops.

Not what you think though, they're lazy fucks who won't write a ticket for anything. Because of this people in my area drive like they were taught by a two year old. Running lights/stop signs, no turn signals, illegal lane changes, distracted driving, you name it. I've seen almost everything under the sun. Two examples off the top of my head include a guy who ran a light WITH A COP ON THE OTHER SIDE who almost caused a deadly 3 car wreck... the cop just kept driving. Another time I came up on a driver who was passed out across 2 lanes of opposing traffic; guy was strung out on something or drunk but came to enough to drive off, called 911 to report it and then passed 2 cops sitting 3 minutes down the road. On my way back about 10 minutes later the 2 cops are still sitting in their same spot chit-chatting. FFS... a guy right down the road is a hazard to his own life and every other life around him and these fucks are just sitting there talking.

I used to love driving, but now I dread getting out because I know half of the drivers here are going to be stupid. I have to include jaywalkers in this too because not too long ago we had a local woman get hit and killed crossing the street while not at a crosswalk. The news story was all "how did this happen? // what can we do about this?" ... Well if the cops stopped the dumbasses running across 6 lanes of traffic then maybe they would use the crosswalk that (the woman who was killed was literally ~20 feet from one but tested her luck darting across anyway). Fucking idiots over here in my town, I swear the oxygen saturation is low.

I'm moving soon though, so I got that going.

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