What video game have you played the most?

Oh man, Magic: Arena. I got into that hardcore around 2010, I think? Whenever Zendikar was in Standard. I remember trying like hell to get a Jace for a decent price and just could not. I eventually bought one off ebay for waaaaay more than it's worth now (but was about the going price at the time) just to have it.

I've actually been playing magic since the early 90s. I started shortly after Revised came out. If I'd only found out about the game a few months earlier than I did, I would have had a chance to pull a Power 9 out of a pack. I got so much shit from my friend for playing Magic: Arena because I was paying money for non-physical cards. I frequently heard, "You realize when they shut that game down, you have nothing to show for all that money you spent, right?"

As an aside, I don't think I've ever used that Jace in a real game of Magic. Maybe once just as a flex to show I owned one, but that's about it.

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