What do you think of Vtuber lewds?

Not my thing, but then again I'm not into overly "thirsty" personality types in real life. I especially don't see a point when using a virtual character. It feels to me like a weird attempt at shock value that does what it does for the sake of doing it. (They're virtual characters, look at how "adult" they are! OMG I'm subverting expectations!).

This is of course not a value judgment statement on the streamers themselves. Just more an opinion that if your entire personality is based on who and what kind of sex you enjoy... when its very shallow to me. It just doesn't draw me in. Or rather it draws me in as much as walking into a random bar and listening to some random person standing alone in the center of the room discussing their fetishes.

Like I might laugh at the absurdity of the situation... but I'm probably also keeping my distance.

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