This is what I walked in to find hanging in the living room. It's always staring at me...

The point was your username is Teh Jews and you aren't Jewish which suggests that you might have a less than polite reason for choosing that name.

Do I assume that you have a negative reason for naming yourself after Mr Magoo? Why would you assume that I would intentionally name myself after something I dislike or have animosity towards? The fact that you are jumping to that conclusion, again, says a lot about you and how you view the world.

Anyways, I am done having this discussion with you because you are clearly not taking it in earnest. I have a hard time believing that you would be ok with adding a celebrity to the Hate Speech list just because people made memes about them. They are of no relation to each other and to treat them as such is ridiculous.

I will end this discussion with the main point that you keep side stepping. Peoples original content cannot be conflated with the source material that it is based upon. It's ignorant to make such a leap and is not providing any value to the community of which the ADL is supposedly meant to be a service for. If you want to add racist Pepe memes to the Hate Speech list then go ahead and put them on there but Pepe itself has nothing to do with Hate Speech and to suggest otherwise just shows a lack of understanding about the situation and is a heavy handed approach to a non-issue.

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