What is the weirdest thing you've seen while being on the road? [NSFW]

I don't know if this counts as weird, but here it is anyways. TL;DR at the bottom.

My dad was a truck driver and he used to take me with him on some of his jobs. On this occasion, it was a job that'd take a few days.

I can't remember the exact location, since I was little (11 years or so), but this was somewhere around West Virginia. It wasn't really a small road, but we'd see a car maybe 4 times an hour. Around 2 am the truck had some mechanical issue. My dad knows his way around vehicles, so he says we're going to take a look.

We were about to get out of the truck when we hear a honk outside. A car with three guys in it all with painted faces (think kind of like ICP without the white facepaint) pulled beside the truck. My dad rolls down the window and one of the guys asks if we're stuck. My dad says a tow truck is almost there (a lie) and thanked the guy for his concern. They drive off and my dad has a stern look. I ask him what's wrong and he explains that people sometimes try to rob truck drivers, since they sometimes deliver valuables. He locks the doors and we wait.

About 20 minutes later, he says it should be fine to check out the truck. My dad said it was a simple fix (I think it was something called the trailer brake line wasn't fitting properly?) and that he had extras in the trailer.

We open the trailer and climb in the back. It's really dark, so I hold the light for him while he digs in his toolbox. Then we notice closing doors.

I turn around and point the flashlight towards the doors of the trailer and it's the three guys with the facepaint. They ask us if we needed help. As they're climbing in the back of the trailer. My dad tells them we're fine and to get out of the truck. I'm freaking out and pointing the flashlight at these guys. These guys aren't leaving, and my dad is practically yelling at them now. Then he picks up this "gun" he keeps in the truck and tells the guys to leave again. They scramble out the back of the truck and drive off.

My dad finishes the repair quickly and we get in the truck. I tell him that I didn't know he had a shotgun. He tells me he doesn't... it was just a 4' long pipe he uses for leverage.

That's the last time he ever took me to work with him.

TL;DR: Three guys with facepaint try to rob my dad and I when we break down. My dad uses a "gun" (pipe) to scare them away.

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