What were the last three podcasts you quit listening to? What were the last three podcasts you subscribed to?

Unsubbed * DLM: Got tired of Doug being cranky and the quality of guests i.e. Elwood. Doug's pot schtick just has gotten very stale for me. * HDTGM: I've always disliked the live eps (especially the audio quality, maybe its gotten better since). Also as much as I like Jason on CBB, he's just too high strung on HDTGM. * Never Not Funny: Never found it funny to be honest. I only subbed for a brief while because of the guests from CBB that I liked would appear on it, but I just don't like Pardo all that much and I cannot stand the co-host.

Subbed * Hollywood Handbook: I didn't understand it at first but then after giving a few more eps a shot it hit me like a hammer. * Doughboys: Started listening last November after going thru a spell of depression and it was great. Love the dynamic between Mitch and Nick. * WTF: Maron is a drama queen and I couldn't handle the bullshit with him on Twitter so I unfollowed pretty quick, but he's a good interviewer. I'll only listen to certain EPs depending on the guest.

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