What were your experiences attending college/university later in life?

I went back to school when I was 29 and am about to finish. Honestly, my age never really occured to me being a factor. I always wanted to graduate, there were things that were outside of my control that happened when I was younger, and I finally got to a place where I could dedicate the time to it. There were a lot of people my age and older in my classes; I was also in group projects with 18 year olds, it never bothered me.

I really enjoyed the relationships I had with my professors too. I wasn't so scared to ask questions and I felt focused. I'm very happy I went back. I'm going to graduate in May.

My husband's family all went back to school in their 30's. Most of them have Master's now and are doing really well for themselves. My aunt went back to school at 49. Idk, my age never crossed my mind when I went back.

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