What do you think when you see cases like Brianna Taylor's?

From my point of view, how this case was handled was negligent regardless of policy. Malicious intent doesn't matter when the outcome is loss of life.

What "justice" do you want to see though? Both the homeowner who fired at the police was legally justified

If it was legally justified, why did Kenneth Walker spend weeks in jail after witnessing his girlfriend get killed? Did anything happen to the police officers afterwards? Someone made the decision to execute this pointless raid and that's the person who should answer for it. That decision put the officers and the others in danger.

Tbh I'm not concerned about justice in the sense of making someone pay. What really gets me is it seems like if there was no media outrage, Kenneth Walker would be rotting in prison while LMPD would continue to do no knock raids. Justice to me would be changing policy so this situation doesn't happen again. From what I've read LMPD has made changes and a lot of people have been fired or resigned, which is a good sign to me.

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