What/who did you hate when you were younger that, in hindsight, was due to internalized misogyny?

I think most girls go through a "stage" fuelled by internalized mysogyny (really, societal misogyny) by rejecting feminine things. I generally sum it up as the "not like the other girls" stage. Clinging to any masculine hobby or trait you have, and looking down on or rejecting feminine traits or hobbies.


  • hatred of pink (because it was forced on us for a fucking decade)
  • Hating children
  • thinking makeup/fashion was shallow, or thinking the popular girls were faking whatever it was for boys
  • Hating other girls for being fake gamer girls but I was a real gamer girl
  • hiding or being ashamed of the fact Sims was one of the games I played
  • "I just get along with boys better because girls are so much drama" (this is one I didn't personally do, but was rife in my ALL GIRL friendship group)
  • Being a "cool girl" or girlfriend that just like doesn't care if boys talk shop about other girls - I'll even join in LOL

but here's a different one that isn't part of that phase. Feeling like I was worthless or unlovable because I didn't get street harassed at 14, when all my girlfriends had stories about it. I was sure no teenage boy could ever like me because grown adults didn't harass me

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