What do you think will happen during the next Sozin’s Comet?

In my head canon ,there are will be fight between Korra and two Red Lotus firebenders in sky of republic city .

“Zeppelin with firebenders arrives in RC .He goes to the air temple . Also some of members of Red Lotus distract police in the city .

Korra notices this, and flying to the airship. She stand on Zepellin’s metal shell, and two firebenders come to her meeting.

“Aang faces Ozai theme started “

Firebender N1 : A hundred year ago , The Fire Lord Ozai used the Sozin’s comet power to fight against Avatar . But he was weak . He underestimated the skills of Avatar. He believed that he could stand alone. Korra : ... Firbender N2 : But we will not repeat his mistake. We know our abilities, and we know that you do not have the skills of the previous Avatar. And therefore ... Firebenders N1 and 2 : We going to destroy you ! WE Will be use the POWER OF THE THOUSAND SUNS !

They use the Lion Roar skill. The skill that Ozai used after his speech. Korra sees that they are distracted by the use of skill, and using airbending, flings them off the zepellin. Then she enters in Avatar State , and overturns the zepellin on them in the water.

Of course they survive, and get involved in a fight against Korra. But they lose because Korra has learned many skills in 27 years after book 4 . And her AS was not weak.   She rejects all firbenders attacks. In the end, the first firbender dies of the lightning created by Korra. He has not yet learned to redirect lightning. The second fire firebender attacks Korra using lightning, but she redirects the lightning back to him. He is dying .

The ironic ... they stumbled upon the same mistakes as Ozai.

The End .”

Sorry dor my bad English , i’m not from US/UK

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