what will you do if there is no God. to be mature. forget religion for a second

Do you think Jesus is an ascended master then, that you can worship any God you like.

THat's what I"m trying to find out, what people actually have to say about such ideas.

Jesus is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. If He taught reincarnation, he would also be a gnostic, and all of our Christian history is bunkum theologically so we can just go back to sacrificing people in pagan orgies knowing that it was all a myth and a pleaasnt dream.

I understand it and it agnoises my soul. I can't find a happy compromise unless I accept taht there is no personal God and that makes me despair.

If theres no personal God I am despairing of the endlessness of pain in reincarnation.

Because i just decided its a probably true belief to explain consciousness without a Creator. I Don't know???

Why r u all looking at me like that :D What have I said thats not Biblical in a way. Throw the Bible out if you don't think its got any true statements that are coherent in it. Read Einstein or something he's Jeiwsh too :D What. I'm a honest man not a crook.

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