What I wish I could tell my husband (LL4U stream of consciousness)

I have been i this head space with my wifen and what therapy has taught me is that this is terribly hyper-critical.

It reads like someone openly disdainful of everything about their partner. There is no effort or reaction or initiative he can take that you don't find repulsive.

It's cruel to lead someone on thinking there is hope when you are this averse to them. He clearly has no chance of pleasing you, this level of hyper-critique can never been vindicated, no matter how responsive/eager/empathetic a lover.

I would tell him hiw you feel, but spare him the details, and just get out of the marriage. It will be a mercy to him...to both of you. Trust me, he can feel your revulsion/disgust and you are likely just conditioning him to think this is what he deserves.

You both deserve better.

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