What is with that high pitched scream?

Oh god. That scream. This post is bringing back memories of a vacation I took with my SO a few weeks ago.

We booked what seemed to be a very nice beach resort in Cyprus, and were expecting a full week of full relaxation and enjoying the beautiful weather and beaches, not anticipating many kids at the resort since its during school. We were wrong, we also (stupidly) forgot that just because there wouldn't be many school-age children around, there could potentially be babies. There were so many, apparently we missed the memo that this place was the perfect place to take babies, it was so absurd it felt like there was some kind of baby convention going on. The entire week was just hearing that piercing scream coming from all directions, anywhere we went, there were families with babies, every restaurant, every part of the unfortunately public beach, near the pool at the resort, near the bar at the resort, at breakfast every morning, and even when we got massages in the spa we heard screaming babies coming from another part of the hotel. The screaming made me wish we could have left a few days early, we were so relieved to come home to our quiet and peaceful CF life, where we are almost never near any children. You guys did right in leaving, I too cannot understand how someone could bear that constant screaming.

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