What to do with pork shoulder roast?

My favorite pork shoulder roast. Before you start, preheat the oven to 325.

Brown the roast on all sides in peanut oil until dark brown on all sides. While the roast is browning, mince 6 garlic cloves and 6 sprigs of rosemary, woody bits removed.

Drain the fat and salt and pepper the roast and spread the rosemary/garlic mixture on top. Place the roaster in the oven and cover the pan with the lid.

Roast for an hour. Remove the roast and add a box of chicken stock (32 oz).

Roast for another hour. During the last half hour, wash a bag of small potatoes and peel 5 or 6 carrots. Cut both veggies into fork size chunks. Remove the roast, add the veggies and a couple of spoonfuls of Dijon mustard. Return to the oven and roast again until the veggies are tender (30-45 mins, depending on the size you cut them).

This is a great fall meal and makes the house smell fantastic. Have a guest or two the first night and eat the rest for leftovers.

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