What is the world we live in, Bob? Am I being dramatic when I say that? What does it mean if I’m being dramatic right now? I’m looking out a window, wondering about the world.

Because they want to imagine this food traveling through your esophagus, and then your digestive system, and then you pissing or shitting it out through your sphincter, or urethra.


Because they want you to feel anxious about the food you are eating.


It makes you question if someone is poisoning you.


Schizophrenia symptoms vary but one main trait of a person who suffers with this condition is they think people are poisoning their food, or they think their food has been poisoned.


They falsely diagnosed you with this disorder for some nefarious reason, money I am guessing, and they need you to exhibit symptoms so it doesn’t look like they are lying, or they diagnosed you incorrectly, or they did something illegal or unprofessional in admitting you as a patient that didn’t need to be there.

people don’t want to get in trouble, there’s still money

mainly: why things are happening,


How long does it take before a man completely snaps/cracks? Because you keep going.

When you should have just given up.

Drugs. I don’t want to.

You need help.

Someone once told me, that when you

You don’t have to howl.

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