What is the worst/best cockblock you have ever given, gotten, or witnessed?

One time I was at the bar with a group of girl friends. We were drinking and laughing and just generally having a good time together. Then this guy makes eye contact with me from the bar and we smile at each other. I look away and a couple minutes go by. This dude comes up to us with his friends and starts hitting on us. I'm talking to him and his friends are talking to my friends. Then this dude starts being overly sexual with me and I have 0 tolerance for dicktrees so I immediately say, "You know what? You can go. I'm not interested."

He then proceeds to loudly say that I'm fucking ugly anyway and no guy wants to fuck a girl with short hair. He points to my friend who literally had not said a word to him and goes, "And you're fucking ugly too."

It's not true because she's actually so goodlooking, but it visibly hurt her feelings. I stand up and tell him to fuck off. So instead of fucking off, he leans in and whispers to me, "I only came here because my buddy got dumped tonight and we need some girls to entertain him."

I push him away and explain to him that we're not strippers and if that's what he wants that's what strippers are paid to do. Again, he says really loudly so everyone can heard that I'm single because I'm a cunt and probably a big lesbian.

Awesome! So he fucks off and we don't see him or his crew for a couple hours. Fast forward to near the end of the night. I look over to the bar and some dude is making out hard core with this blonde bombshell at the bar. He's reaching between her leg and doing who knows what (we all know what) under her skirt. Behind her is this brunette who looks bored as fuck, just sitting at the bar drinking.

When I realize that it's the guy from before, I walk over there and tap the brunette's shoulder. I whisper in her ear, asking her if she knows that guy. She says no, that he was with a group of guys celebrating a birthday or something. I explain to her that it's not a birthday, it's just a group of guys who need to 'find a girl to entertain their buddy'. She tells me her friend is super drunk, too, which makes us both realise how rapey this is.

She's disgusted and I walk away, completely happy about my cockblock. I see the brunette pull her friend away and begin yelling at this guy. The blonde, drunk and confused, realizes what's happening and looks pissed. The dude slinks off and the girls thank me for helping them out.

Ugly lesbian cunt to the rescue!

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