what is the worst betrayal your family/friends have done to you ?

Well I broke up with my ex and he became close friends with a fairly recent friend of mine maybe about 1 year of friendship, anyways they got drunk or it was sober I’m not sure what to believe but I stupidly didn’t change my Facebook password, my ex signed into my account he found nudes on my account and sent them to someone else on my Facebook, then that person messaged my boyfriend when we was both sleeping at 3am like “your girls a cheat look at this” sent screenshots. I was literally in bed when it happened. Anyways I changed my passwords immediately as they didn’t which I’m grateful for. I bumped into my ex for the first time in 3 years and he basically confessed to doing it once I asked and I was upset once hearing this as it made me realise there can never be any friendship, ever. My boyfriend never did believe it but for some reason when we drunk he mentioned it almost like it’s been sitting on his mind. This really did destroy so much of my confidence and trust.

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