What the worst “I don’t fit in here” experience you’ve ever had?

Not me, but my mom told me this story and it works well here. For background my mom does a lot of personal bible studies for herself, she’s really knowledgeable about the history of the Bible and all that, real cool.

So she decides to go to a bible study at our church for women to meet some people and fit in. She goes in and the first half of the meeting is a whole bunch of middle age ladies exchanging recipes and such. Not my mom’s thing but hey, she’s not gunna cramp these ladies style.

Finally they get started and no one has really read the section which was about being able to pick up and leave everything you have came from or something. So they are going around the table saying “Oh I could never do this” “Or I could ever leave such and such” Then it comes to my mom and she says something like “Well I’ve moved quite a bit and besides my family and [insert few personal items] I would be able to do it.”

Now the women were all flustered with this answer but they eventually went on. They are talking about the background on their section too at one point and my mom puts out some the knowledge she had, sparely like she always does, she’s more of a listener.

Now towards the end, my mom is thinking this has been nice. A group of ladies she can get along with and blend. Then as their wrapping up conversation they go around the table and say something about everyone in the group. And when they get to my mom they basically said “[insert FilmMontage mom’s name] you intimidate us, you are just so wise and knowledgeable. We just can’t compete with you”.

For someone who was just trying to fit in and not feel like an outsider, let’s just say she never went back.

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