What is the worst experience you have ever had with your neighbor(s)?

Growing up, he shot my grandfathers dog and any other that came near but not in his yard. He would call the cops any time I shot a B.B. gun on my 13 acres of land. He walked down the road to be near where I was shooting once while his daughter took photos through the bushes.

He called the epa on us when we had a well bored. It didn’t hit water, so not too far from it we had a leech field for our kitchen sink dug. The epa said there was absolutely no danger of contamination.

He was always trying to control what we did, and claiming our property was his. He came over with a shotgun once raving over something. I can’t remember what. There was a lot he did in the 33 years I lived beside him. He’d drive his golf cart up and down the fence line to see what we were doing. I put up a privacy fence and he started going past it and parking to stare in our yard.

Four years ago he murdered his wife and then killed himself. Being their only neighbors we were questioned at great length, including my then 15 year old son. None of us were surprised.

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