What is the worst experience you've ever had in an Airport/Airplane?

They wouldn't let me and my girlfriend on the plane because her carry on suitcase wouldn't fit in the thing.

Yeah I'm going to call bullshit on that.

You were clearly flying a regional jet.

We won't stop YOU from boarding, but we won't let you onboard with them because, NEWSFLASH, the bins are TINY in regional jets. NORMAL CARRY ONS WILL NOT FIT, PERIOD.

wasn't too big.

You seriously think you know better than the CREW that's CERTIFIED on the plane you flew on? Seriously?

Tried to charge us

Bullshit, yet again. Not a single airline out there charges for throwing carry-ons in the back with the checked bags when dropped off at the gate.

Fuck you bitch who tried to charge us

Fuck uppity passengers like you that think they fucking know better than the crew and think we'll put our jobs and bust FEDERAL REGULATIONS just so you can't be mildly inconvenienced. Here, educate yourself before you decide to be a gratuitous asshole to the crew next time you fly

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