What is the worst feeling in the world?

We started out as friends and when it got to that point where he saw me as a big step into an intimate relationship, it was all mixed signals from there. He told me once that his exes and himself treated each other badly (ignoring each other when things got bad) and he told me he would never want to hurt me like that or make me misunderstand. I thought the intimate relationship was something serious. Stupid me said I had feelings for him and then him saying he wasn't looking for anything serious. He was fighting depression before he met me and told me last, that life wasn't going the way he wanted it to. Now he remains silent, ignoring all my attempts to reach out. I was so mad depressed to the point of suicide. It's so hard to forget him because he was someone important to me and I genuinely loved him. It hurts like hell to have someone you thought cared and be treated this way. I decided it best to walk away not only for my health but because I don't wish to abandon people I care about like that, but the silence makes me feels he no longer cares.

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