What is the worst instance of "casual racism" that you've ever witnessed?

My one white, elderly teacher, who almost suggested that all the black kids should work together before catching himself. He didn't catch himself two seconds before when he said that all the Asians might like working together. He also asked an Asian student if their parents owned a laundromat, and he said "I'm not looking at anyone in particular (looks right at the row of Asians) but I LOVE spring rolls". He grew up in a different time, and to be honest we all thought it was funny later.

My white roommate, who refers to Japanese as Japs, and who often groups ethnicities together by stereotype and being surprised when people act outside the stereotype (for example, native Chinese who aren't lactose intolerant or black Catholics. He was very surprised that my Catholic school was majority black kids from a nearby city. Truth be told, Catholics were also probably a minority in the school, since you don't have to be Catholic to attend, but he was still dumbfounded that lots of black kids from the city would choose a suburban Catholic school to go to. He expected it to be majority Hispanic kids, who are statistically more likely to be Catholic. I could probably count on one hand the number of Hispanic kids at the school, it wasn't very big. But still, I did know black Catholics. Anyway, I digress). I haven't corrected his terminology because we are very different personalities, and he probably wouldn't respond well to it. We also aren't very close, and I know he won't be my roommate next year because he plans to move in with friends off campus.

This one black kid in my high school would make racist jokes against a Chinese international student in my algebra class. She once told the class that she wouldn't be coming back to the school next year. The teacher asked "where are you going". The black kid says to himself, but so others could hear, "bock. to. japon" in a choppy, crappy accent. Let me reiterate she was Chinese. Another time she asked the teacher for clarification, because she learned a different method of solving the problem in China. The kid then slams his desk and shouts "DEES EES AMEREEEKA." In what I can only describe as an bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Everyone, including me and the teacher, laughed at least a little, but looking back I feel bad for laughing. She's my friend now though, so that's good.

Different black kid to a different Chinese girl who also was my friend. Would keep saying "Yo (mispronunciation of her English name that was not hard at all to pronounce), you Chinese? You speak Chinese? Say something in Chinese." She would respond, "你好(nǐhǎo)". He'd say, "nah. Has to be seven words, at least." She then proceeds to curse him out in Chinese. She never told me what she said exactly, but the shit eating grin on her face was glorious. This happened twice, and the second time she tried to steal his food afterwards and succeeded in getting at least one fry in her mouth and another on the floor as he dived across her lap to retrieve his fries. So, this one if fun because she got Justice, but it was still annoying and lowkey racist.

Same friend from the previous story who was angry that the college she wanted to go to was taking so long to send back their decision, whispered "stupid white people" to her phone as she was checking the results for the umpteenth time. She then looked up at me (3/4 white, 1/4 Filipino but as pale as snow) and said "uh, not you." She wasn't really racist, she's one of my best friends and I know she loves me to death, but in a moment of frustration an intrusive thought slipped from her mouth. I understood and laughed, because hey, it was funny!

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