What is the worst job you've ever had and why?

I wish I was exaggerating this. I worked for a company that completely mind fucked me on a daily basis until I just lost it. Background: I have an issue with always trying to have everyone like me, and do the best job out of anyone... They took that and demolished me. It was a small company and I was hired to work under a lady who was supposed to teach me the job song could take some work load off of her. After the first week, I caught on quick and she said she should be careful, I might take her job completely,from then on I did nothing right. One day i was trying to help but she wouldn't show me how to go past the first step so I was sitting there next to her waiting for most of the day. The next day I was called in by the owner saying that she reported I didn't care to learn and didn't want to be there, he said he was putting me on 30 day notice if I didn't improve... Well I whipped into shape and did as many of step 1's as I could incase I was asked for any, I was called into the office for printing too much. I started learning more and doing all my work online, so that I would only print if she needed it. The power went out that week and no one could work. I was called into the office for not printing things out. This was strike 2 under my notice. I was called at home and yelled at for giving out the owners wides cell number to clients, when I told them I never had her cell number and didn't do it, I was called a liar. I was constantly called beta, and told that I was lower then them and that's why I had a hard time. They would call me names and have office parties that I couldn't come to. There were 7 people in the whole company so it was obvious I wasn't there. No one talked to me all say unless they were putting me down. It was terrible. The last straw was when they were emailing nasty things about me and I saw them on the printer, I said something to the owner and he said his whole beta story and how I had two weeks left to get my act together.. I had no money and was so fearful of losing my job but after that morning I just walked out. I will never let someone tear me down or belittle me over a job again. Tldr; worked for a shitty small business, got mind fucked, I will never put up with that level of crazy again.

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