What was the worst live performance you've ever seen?

Violent Femmes. I was at a 3 stage event when someone chucked an empty plastic water bottle near the stage. Femmes stopped playing and said that if anyone threw anything else they would walk off. Of course someone did, and so they did. This started a riot, cops came with tear gas. When people started getting gassed they panicked and just ran. I was a tiny teenager, and ended up getting smashed between fleeing crowds and carried with them to the front, getting squished against the stage wall as people tried to get out. One of the stagehands saw I was getting trampled and pulled me on stage worried I was going to get seriously hurt. He takes me to the medic area backstage and they check me out and say its probably best to wait out the chaos with the bands. I end up talking with a lot of cool people, but spend the most time making small talk with a random drummer I didn't recognize. Finally I catch a glimpse of what band he's with, and its one that constantly gets flack for being crap music...one I've been making fun of all day for being crap music. Totally nice fellow tho. I still have a grudge against the Femmes for being the wussiest punk pansies and nearly getting me killed.

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