What is the worst place you had sex?

Me and my ex were 15, decided to have sex downstairs (we had to sleep separately) in her parents house, on a blow up bed. She was on top and we wasn’t using protection, basically I needed to pull out so I tried lifting her off of me, she fell backwards bending my dick horrifically. I accidentally kicked her in the head bc of the pain, she continues falling at more speed. I came everywhere, on the carpet, myself, the blowup bed (which got horrifically stained and couldn’t get out). Her mum heard a ahem loud disturbance and came down to tell us off for not sleeping separately at 2AM on a school night. I yanked the cover over me, soaking it in cum and she’s banging around in the dark trying to get dressed. Her Mum shouts at her and she goes upstairs and I was left to deal with the unholy mess that I had made on my own.

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