What was the worst thing you did as a kid?


Man, when I was a kid the house across the street was situated up on a hill and had been on the market forever (and was subsequently vacant). My dumbass self had the mentality of "There's no way I could hit the glass door because it's so far off so why not throw a rock at it anyway?" Cue the most perfect, slightly curving rock throw I've ever unleashed culminating in the shattering of the glass door.

Similarly took a shot at a flying blue jay with a ball bearing from my wrist rocket on the same hill (but aiming off of it) and took the head of the bird clean off. I cried.

Viciously bullied my little sister (one of the biggest regrets in my life).

Moved away from my town in elementary school and never contacted my friend who lived across the street from me again...don't know why just kinda, trailed off. Coincidentally found out last month when I was back in that town via a news article that he was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for child porn so my guilt disappeared.

High school I was even worse...

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