What is the worst thing you have done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

I’ll go: Went to a beer festival. Got belligerent. Tried stealing the live musics instruments, successfully convinced the singer to let me sing a song to the crowd. I’m an awful singer btw. Proceeded to get booed off the stage (but I thought I was vibin with everyone). Puked on the back of my dates back, so he took me home. On the way to the bus I stopped to pee in the street. Became best friends with two random girls who were also drunk and had to pee. Ran into a cop and tried to get him to tase me for fun. He told my date I needed to go home. While on the bus a bunch of high schoolers were making fun of me. Somehow the conversation went to Black Lives Matter (im white and my date was black), so they were all making cracka jokes so I got on my high horse about everyone should love everyone. They video taped everything im pretty sure. My date got me home snd I decided it would be a good idea to walk 5 miles to a grocery store for more beer. Got picked up snd arrested for public intoxication. Fun times. Happily sober now. Damn we’re my 20’s a wild ride though.

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