What was the worst thing a housemate/ roomie has done to you?

Honestly, it'll be long but this chick makes my blood boil to this day...

Started out nice, we were good friends. I was pretty depressed and came from a broken, abusive home where as she had a well off, close family. She'd say, "You're a robot!" because I was never emotional or missed my family. After constant guilt trips from her about, "You never open up or get in touch with your emotions! How can I trust you when I'm always confiding in you, but you never return the feelings?", I relented and opened up to her about the abuse. I explained I had suffered many tragedies and had even attempted suicide a couple times. She was the first person I ever told. I figured it'd make us closer and in many ways it did. When I found out that my BF at the time was cheating, I felt safe to cry and blubber in front of her, though I thought it was strange that she excused herself after a few minutes so I went and confided in another friend. Apparently it bothered her that my main group of friends did not revolve around her and our two suite mates, who spent literally all of their free time together in our suite.

After an argument, a suite mate went rouge and revealed that my roommate had been screwing me over from day 1. Apparently, while I was away one weekend, they rifled through my belongings (with the RA for Christ sake) in an attempt to find something, like alcohol, that could get me kicked out. Because I often hung out with my other friends, she assumed I was drunk and partying all the time, so she was sure I'd have something forbidden. They didn't find anything and instead played with my sex toys and stole my things. She went on to reveal my depression and suicidal tendencies to the whole building, calling me a psycho. And I found out she had left me when I was a blubbering mess because she thought I was drunk and was trying to 'catch me in the act' and ran to the RA to report me. When I found out I decided to be civil and not confront her. She knew I knew and if she wanted to apologize, she would. There was nothing I could do to change what happened.

That's when she sprung a RA-mediated meeting on me (yeah, like that bitch wasn't a part of the problem). She was supposed to use the meeting to apologize but instead cried and threw guilt trips about me having other friends and making all my flat mates feel excluded. Ironically, she and the suite mate made up at this meeting and I went on being civil and minding my own business.

Then, weeks later, she had a medical emergency and needed to be rushed to the hospital. She was in extreme pain and couldn't drive. Her best buddies, our suite mates, bailed on her cuz they needed to go have dinner with their families. Desperate, she texted me begging for help and I rushed to her, took her to the hospital, and waited there for 2 hours giving her a back massage while we waited for her mom to arrive. It was a pretty big thing and she was in the hospital for like a week. After that, she seemed like a changed person. Her mother apologized to me for her behavior and we parted for the Christmas break on a good note. During the break, she sent an apparently sincere letter to me about how my kindness amazed her and that she hoped we could start anew. Being naive, too forgiving, and honestly just stupid, I forgave her and we were closer than ever.

When I returned from the Christmas break with a new boyfriend (who deserves a whole rant of his own), she was super supportive and said she was impressed at how in touch with my feelings I was becoming. Of course, they were fucking less than a month after that. And when he broke up with me, she held me and brushed my hair as I cried my eyes out. The whole time she knew he was leaving me for her, yet she comforted me like a best friend.

In the process, I became much closer to my real friends who became like a family to me. And these disastrous events ended up leading to me meeting my SO who is amazing and I'm now living a great life all the way across the world from them. So, really I ended up winning.

Also, she had to abort his devil spawn like 3 months later and he stole a bunch of shit and split. So that softened the blow.

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