What was the worst time you mistakenly thought someone was making a sexual advance on you?

High school homecoming dance. I ask the girl I've been crushing on for three years. She went to a different school, but we shared a decent sized friend group.

She first told me no, because our mutual friend (her childhood friend) also had a crush on her and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Her mom convinces her to go with me if she wants to, other guy being a whiner shouldn't control her love life.

So she says yes and I'm on cloud nine. We do the whole go out to dinner first and it is just wonderful. We get to the dance and see mutual friend and say hello...

...now might be a good time for some back story. Once mutual friend found out I was taking the girl to the dance, he began giving me the silent treatment. Not some little half assed job either, full on still sitting at the same lunch table as our friend group but completely ignoring my existence. Not for like a day or something, it must have been at least a month of silent treatment.

It was actually really fun, I started eating his lunch since he couldn't acknowledge me to tell me to stop. His 'response' was to start every lunch by licking all of his food "for no reason."

... anyhow back to the dance. After we get to the dance, before we even get one dance in, we see this friend and go to say hello. At this point, I'm used to just saying things to the guy and getting nothing back (and I'm having fun with it), but we never told the girl about the silent treatment I was getting, so it crazy upset her to have her childhood friend ignore her. A different friend drove her home and I was left at the dance alone.

So I guess I was getting strong signals, but not strong enough to overcome a d-bag friend.

Jokes on him though, years later in college we hooked up for a real short while. It was nice and she's still great, but it wasn't as great as my hormone soaked overly emotional high school mind anticipated.

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