What is the worst way that you learned about the death of a loved one?

I know many people say it's worst to hear about the death of a loved one when in the company of others, but honestly it's so much worse when you're alone.

That's what happened to me one cold and rainy day in winter of last year, I was sitting around the house doing nothing much when my dad rang.

At the time he was on the other side of the country visiting my grandparents and making sure my grandma who had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few days before was able to transfer from the hospital to her home safely. I picked up the phone expecting news that she was settling in, or maybe just him checking up on me at home.

Then he told me she had died that morning.

That news knocked all happiness and motivation to do anything out of me. With nobody to talk to after the call, no shoulder to cry on, I lay in bed all that day, alone with my thoughts.

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