“What would compel a man to light himself on fire, blow up a refinery and kill 300 people?” “Idk Jim, he just snapped.”

I would be pretty surprised if WAP actually ends up on a Grimes album. I think it's the Entropy of this situation, or at best, the Go, which might mean it becomes a bonus track. Like Entropy, it just barely counts as a proper Grimes song anyway. Jack Antonoff cowrote and produced Entropy. WAP was intended as both a writing and production collab with Poppy and her team. Fans don't mostly hate WAP, but they also haven't taken very kindly to it, critics didn't care much about it, it hasn't been doing especially well on radio or something (even though it's arguably her most radio ready song for "alternative" stations), and Grimes herself seems to have mixed feelings, since she's delayed the video indefinitely despite actually finishing the video, releasing a joke remix instead. Idk, the song has very little momentum or positive word of mouth, and that kind of "first single" usually gets demoted retroactively to "just a promo single" by the time of the album drop.

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