What would make Dr. Boom more balanced?

I said your opinion that I am an asshole doesn't matter since no one cares about your opinion.

Ooo, nice try! But even with that backpedal, you're still appealing to the masses and trying to insist that popularity has anything to do with whether someone's correct or not. And on top of that, you did it even BEFORE that post, remember? Of course you don't. Let me remind you!

Oh btw, congrats, your post is officially a shitpost considering you now have only 40% approval on the subreddit that thinks every other Amaz play is a "good post."

And now that I've given you the rope a second time, you've hung yourself with it again. It's hard to imagine the delusion that makes you think you're "winning" an argument where you keep proving how idiotic you are. Some kind of masochist, maybe?

But keep insisting it you do:

I already categorically crushed your pitiful excuses for arguments. There is nothing further to defend against.

Just repeating yourself on loop, again and again. That's how far into the ditch you've dug yourself. But keep on projecting buddy! Since I already showed that you turned to insults first, that even knocks out this lovely line!

You have great arguments there! But you decided to ignore the fact that your final argument on which all previous arguments rested on had absolutely no substance (which I had already pointed out previously) and decided to go on the attack on my character.

That's strike three. What WILL you think of next?

Not surprising though because the large majority of the population is like you, having no understanding of logical arguments or frameworks.

Says the person who repeatedly tries to justify his position and argue against my views by saying that the majority disagree with me! Nice job kicking your own ass dude. Seriously, I don't even have to say anything at this point: you're just contradicting yourself left, right and center.

Now shoo. Shoo you little vermin.

It's really getting to you, huh? Your pathological need to keep responding no matter how bad it makes you look, no matter how thoroughly I keep trouncing you. Really grinding those nerves? You feel your blood boiling yet? Pressure between your eyes?

Normally I wouldn't go this far in insulting someone. I tried twice to leave this be, and even gave an olive branch earlier. How did you respond? Predictably, with more insults. You just can't help yourself.

So no, little angry boy, you don't get to "shoo" anyone. As long as you keep responding with your toxic bullshit, I'm going to keep pointing out how hypocritical, irrational, and juvenile you're being. You need to grow up in a bad way, and I'm perfectly happy to continue verbally trouncing your histrionics until you either shriek yourself into an exhausted puddle of troll goo, or smarten up and leave well enough alone.

So keep on coming back. Keep on flailing at some edge, any ledge, any port to try and salvage the shattered bits and pieces of your childish, petty ego, hurt so bad when someone DARED to disagree with you and point out a different perspective from your absolutist assertions.

You've clearly got nothing better to do with your time, and I'm stopped feeling any semblance of sympathy for you. We might have been friendly in other circumstances and other conversations, but you've shot that chance all to hell, and you keep digging deeper, chased by whatever demons drive people like you to be assholes on the internet, just because you know you can get away with it.

Now run along and find easier prey to feed on, or come back and fail at trolling me yet again. Either way's fine by me :)

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