What would it take for an atheist/satanist to believe in the beautiful Triune God?

From a Christian perspective I'm sure that sounds reasonable, but the problem is it's only convincing if you're already Christian much in the same way Christians often claim to hear God or be physically/metaphysically aware of God's presence.

It would be more reasonable to say almost all humans sought salvation, but God denied them and made Hell to destroy them for its pleasure, because that at least lines up with observable reality. God doesn't actually offer anyone salvation and it may be that no souls ever reach Heaven; rather, the contents of a book describe a method of attaining salvation, but the book's authorship is uncertain and the method is inherently immune to verification.

It doesn't make sense to say that most humans have ever chosen not to accept salvation by their own free will. It sounds silly. People like eternal bliss and immortality way more than the pleasures of the flesh, it's just that they can never be allowed any shred of certainty such things exist and all the surrounding mythology is monstrously cruel, raising the question of why such a deity would ever want humans to have bliss to begin with.

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