what would happen if the most powerful people in the world are women? Forbes top 100 were women, president of usa is woman, warren buffet is woman. Apple's ceo is a woman. All fortune 500 were run by women? Because currently they are not...

I don't think much would change regarding profits, successes, or company performance. I don't think much would change politically (I mean overall, not as compared to the current US presidency).

I think what WOULD change is women everywhere feeling empowered, encouraged, and excited. Feeling equal. No longer having to fight for equality on all levels.

I think divisiveness in the country would increase for a time, but normalize and then swing to the other side.

Long story short, I think it would be great for the world, as long as the positions were based on merit, not gender alone. That goes for men and women though. So that actually transcends the question. Men get positions of power because they are men in many cases, so my statement applies to men and women.

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